Posted by: brettgaba | May 20, 2010

DIY scupper plugs and rod leashes – cheap and easy

I made this rod leash from an old cell phone car charger. I just trimmed off both ends, then I crimped one end to make a loop and attached a stainless steel clamp to the other. I use the brass hooks from my seat to secure it to the boat - always nice to use existing deck mounting.

Here’s how I made a set of rod leashes or scupper plugs from everyday items. Some materials you may have sitting around, others might be at a local store. Kayak fishing equipment is obviously very specialized and in today’s economy, it’s best to keep purchases to a minimum. The cost of an average rod leash or scupper plug set is @ $10 so it’s kind of pointless to order them specifically when you factor shipping costs.  Save your money for a dry suit or a new paddle.

Practice golfballs are cheap and fit a number of scupper sizes. Wal-Mart carries these. These will act as the plugs.

I used an electrical current tester to poke a hole through the foam ball. A framing nail works just as well.

Tie an overhand loop into a short piece of paracord. This will act as the handle for the plug.

Pull the looped paracord theough the foam ball until the knot is flush against it. I used a piece of wire coat hanger with a section folded back against itself to secure the cord.

Finished product. These fit my old Tarpon 140 as well as my OK Trident 13.


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